• Published: Jul 31st, 2009
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Have a Great Weekend

And listen ladies, if you want any dessert this weekend, you’d better run over to Margie and Edna’s Basement now (before I wear out the link.)

I just got back from the dessert store, and this is all they had left….Geeky Guy


  • Published: May 1st, 2009
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This Week’s T.G.I.F.

I intend to spend the better part of this afternoon scaring the crap out of myself with a new-to-me collection of Stephen King’s short stories.

But before I go, here’s a relatively new site I wanted to share. If you don’t laugh out loud at at least some of these texts…. well I think there’s a pill for that.

Here are a few of my favs, but you can read them all at —–> Texts From Last Night

(717): You can spell. I can kill people with no remorse. We all have our skills.

(650): So is it bad that I’m using this 21 year old for his hot bod and utter naivety?
(303): No its what 21 year olds are made for

(586): If a girl drunk dials you she’s at least entertained the idea of sleeping w/ you correct?
(313): YES

(919): What are we going to do tonight?
(704): What we try to do every night. Take over the world

(586): I went to blockbuster, where I always go when I need to soul searching
(586): Despondent, hopeless, I decide on vantage point, because I vaguely resemble matthew fox (let me believe this, please)
(586): It was cheaper to buy then rent, so now I’m stuck w/ a wretched hangover and I own this shit movie

(808): i hope you realize when i said “grib” earlier i was referring to the gridded binary, a mathematically concise data format commonly used in meteorology to store historical weather forecast data. also meant in referential conjunction to my probability math class that i am failing at roughly 215pm tomorrow afternoon.

(208): i just saw a midget buying condoms and graham crackers. i wonder which was the impluse buy.

(973): On a scale from 0 to 24…wait, 3 to 24, where 6 is the lowest and 12 is the highest, how freaking high re you right now?

(617): So explain to me again how you wake up next to a Brazilian model and I wake up next to a turkey sub? And a jar of grey poupon.

(303): I’m gonna do things to you that will make the neighbors want to move.

(847): Yeah, it was perfect until the end. Apparently women are super attracted to me until the sleeping with part.

(206): put your party hat on. and by party hat I mean no panties

(714): I wish there was an iPhone app to help you with your shitty personality.

(818): Fyi I let myself into your place, I’m wearing some of your clothes in your bed. Come take them off


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My day job is still kicking my butt and I can’t see the top of my desk for all the files. But I’m hoping to have everything under control by the end of next week so I can resume my otherwise irregular posting schedule.

In the meantime, for your amusement, here are some comments left by Mike, from The Fly is Undeterred.

His captions for this photo made me chortle and snort, so I thought I’d pull them to the top for those of you that don’t peruse the comments.

So, without further ado…

“Financial Crisis forces retirees into life of prostitution”

“Tractor pull features interesting side attractions”

“Farmer by day, Pimp by night”

“When Grannies go wild”

“Short shorts cause premature aging of the skin”

“Underage sex not a problem in Idaho”


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It’s Friday Already?

Okay, okay, I know I missed the t.g.i.f. post last week (and the week before.)

This week I’m sending you to Fail Blog.

Hope you get a chuckle or two out of it over the weekend. Here’s a sample……fail owned pwned pictures

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Poor Telemarketer. Bwahahaha.

Caution; If you’re at work, and you’re not supposed to be messing around right now, DO NOT listen to this until you get home. You will surely get busted when you’re laughing out loud for no apparent reason.

If you haven’t heard this one before, turn your volume up.

If you have heard it before, it’s worth listening to again.

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  • Published: Sep 19th, 2008
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Have You Been to Africam Lately?

This is, without doubt, one of the kewlest websites I’ve ever encountered.

Africam plays 24/7 live streaming video, with audio, from a camera focused on a watering hole in Nkorho Pan in South Africa. Another cam, which runs during daylight hours, is focused on the elephant plains.

One night I tuned in just as an enormous herd of water buffalo was passing through. And when I say enormous herd, I mean it must’ve taken a 1/2 hour for the parade to end. It was amazing to watch.

If you’re a Mac user you won’t be left out. Just check out the FAQ on the site for instructions.

So if you find yourself with nothing to do, check it out. You just never know what wildlife might pass by.

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  • Published: Sep 12th, 2008
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Here…..Have Some Cake

If you find yourself with an hour to spare this weekend check out Cake Wrecks.

This wonderfully witty website features page after page of carelessly crafted confections.

No doubt a few of the cakes themes seemed decent during the planning stages, but went amok when executed in icing. And how the misspellings make it out the bakeries is a marvel in itself.

Some of the wrecks will leave you speechless, others will have you laughing out loud, and if at least one of them doesn’t make you spew coffee on your monitor, well than I don’t know what will.

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  • Published: Sep 5th, 2008
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You Think You Had a Bad Week?

Imagine the kind of week this guy must’ve had.

If you find yourself in need of a chuckle after an especially long work week, stroll on over to Engrish.com. There you’ll find many more examples of Japanese to English translations that went horribly, hilariously wrong.

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