Stop Unwanted Catalogs with Catalog Choice

Last fall I made several online purchases through RedCat companies like Chadwicks, MetroStyle and Brylane Home.

Approx. 3 weeks later the catalogs started trickling in. Then they began pouring in. By spring the mailbox was flooded.

I understand the importance of advertising, but some of these companies were mailing catalogs two and three times a week, which really is overkill considering that the same merchandise is available online.

So I registered with Catalog Choice and supplied them with each catalog’s name, the customer number off each label, and the reason I was opting out. That’s all there was to it.

It took about 8 weeks before I saw a significant decline in the number of catalogs I was receiving. The flood’s back down to a trickle.

Now I’m happy, my mail carrier is happy, and somewhere…..a tree is happy.

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