How Kewl are Amazon Shorts?

If you’re an avid reader it doesn’t get much better than this……even if you’re an avid reader on a budget.

Amazon Shorts are unpublished short pieces of fiction and non-fiction, written by a wide variety of authors, and delivered to you digitally. You pay just 49ยข per download and they’re yours to keep.

This means you get to check out that new author or genre you’ve been wanting to try……for less than the price of a candy bar!

If you already have an Amazon account, you’ll find that purchasing your Shorts is an easy process. Once purchased, you can access the story three different ways, and you won’t need any fancy hardware/software installed to participate. You can;

1 – follow an html link to the story online
2 – have it e-mailed to you in plain text e-mail or
3 – download it as a pdf

The last time I checked there were over 3,500 titles available. That should be enough to keep you well-read this winter.


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