Three Cheers for the Cuisinart Grind & Brew CoffeeMaker

Awhile ago I bought a programmable coffeemaker with an insulated stainless carafe. My life was complete. I had fresh brewed coffee when I got up, and the carafe kept it hot through my second and third cup. Unfortunately, if was recalled shortly afterward.

The replacement they sent had a glass carafe…..and you know what that means. The coffee is exposed to constant heat and tastes like feet in about two hours. So I’d end up tossing the left over morning coffee and making another pot (or two) in the afternoon.

Then coffee, in an attempt to keep up with the rising gasoline prices, hit $10 for a two-pound can. I began looking for a solution.

Enter the Cuisinart Grind and Brew. This coffeemaker is an engineering piece of art. You put your beans in the built-in grinder and it spits the grounds through a chute that ends up, in of all places, the coffee basket. (The grinding feature can be toggled off if you prefer to use ground coffee.) The brushed chrome carafe keeps the coffee hot for at least six hours, eliminating the need to throw out multiple pots of feet-tasting coffee throughout the day. It paid for itself in no time.

Happily, with the money I’m saving, I can afford to splurge on coffee that doesn’t come in two-pound cans.

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