Winter Weather

We had about 3″ of snow the other night, but, as you can see by their tracks, it didn’t snow the chipmunks in.  (Yea, I know I could’ve gotten a better picture if I’d gone outside, but it’s 18 degrees out, and I’m not going out again until May……unless the house is on fire.)

Anyway, they’re predicting 8″ – 14″ of snow tonight, which I think is going to bury them in there. 

I’ll try and get a picture tomorrow of Mr. Chipmunk and his teeny-tiny snow blower.


The View From My Kitchen Window

There’s always something kewl happening in my yard. I thought I’d share a few pictures with you before I purge them from my PC.

Actually, I should have taken this picture a week ago, when the tree still had most of it’s leaves, and you could have seen it at its peak. But, I’m a procrastinator. I finally shot it this morning because there are high winds predicted for this afternoon and it will most likely be bare by tomorrow.

To the left of that maple tree is the stump of a long-gone Catalpa tree. Being a lazy landscaper, I just tossed a bag of potting soil into it and planted hens and chickens.

A pair of chipmunks soon took up residence inside the stump.

I like to think that they have little matchbox beds and thread spool nightstands in there.

As an added bonus, I get to watch their antics every morning while I have my coffee.

This is a baby mockingbird we found under that same maple tree in late summer. He’s smiling in this picture because he’s fairly certain that his mother is about to swoop down on my head. She did find him soon after we did and she fed him for a couple of days before he flew off……

Speaking of birds, I discovered this nest of House Finches smack dab in the middle of one of my Boston Ferns while watering it one day. Fortunately for them, I’m just short enough to have to water from the side because I can’t reach the center, so none of them took a bath.

And just three-feet away from that fern…..a nest of Eastern Phoebes atop the porch pillar. Believe it or not, there were five of them packed in there…..

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