Free Birthday Reminder Service

Since they have about 50 million members, I suspect a lot of you already now about But if I can save just one poor soul from forgetting an anniversary or birthday, well then it’s worth the post.

Registration is free and there’s no learning curve. Just enter your important dates, and about a week before the event, BirthdayAlarm will send you an e-mail reminder……for free!

There’s an easy to use chart to enter names and birth dates, in addition to a section for event reminders, like anniversaries. There’s even a calendar that populates itself with the information you’ve entered, so you can see a whole month at a glance. And your free membership gives you access to over 100 free birthday e-cards.

After all that underlining, if you’re still determined to spend money, you can also buy individual premium e-cards for any occasion, or send unlimited cards for an entire year for just $13.95.

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