April 10th began just like any other day, except it wasn’t. Usually Ruby greeted me at the bedroom door, overjoyed to see me, but this time she didn’t.

It didn’t take long to discover that sometime between 1:30 am, when Mr. K went to bed, and 4 am, when I got up, she had died on the couch in the same spot he had last seen her.

Everybody tells us we should be thankful she died peacefully.

But we didn’t get time for a proper good bye.

She was nine years-old, but because she was white we didn’t see her graying muzzle, so she was forever young in our minds.

And she still partied like a rock star, if only for shorter periods.

She had had a great day on Monday.

We just weren’t prepared.

This is a devastating loss for us. She had such a huge presence, which makes us even more aware of the deafening quiet.

And this next part of the story makes me cry every time I think of it. You can believe it or don”t. I wouldn’t have believed it had I not seen it myself.

DammitDiesel had an odd habit of carrying three pieces of dog food into the living room and laying them on the carpet at Ruby’s feet. Occasionally he’d miscount, but, for the most part, it was three pieces of food, and always on the carpet.

A couple of days after Rubys death we had some errands to run.

When we returned we found exactly three pieces of dog food on the couch, in the spot where she’d last been.

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  1. cheryl
    on Apr 27th, 2018
    @ 1:42 pm

    they wiggle their way into our hearts. Some wiggle farther in than others. I still cry if i stay on the subject of my German Shepherd, its been 12yrs. it took us 6 months to pick his dishes up off the floor. I am so very sorry for your loss.

  2. Mike
    on May 6th, 2018
    @ 6:38 am

    :He who was my companion through adventure and hardships, is gone forever”

    – The Epic of Gilgamesh

    My companion has been gone for over thirty years now; I will always grieve for him. I too am very sorry for your loss. My heart also goes out to DD, who has lost his friend.

  3. admin
    on May 7th, 2018
    @ 1:13 pm

    Cheryl, I have been ugly crying for damn near a month. Stupid shit sets me off, like opening the fridge door and not hearing her come running. Or bringing in the mail and not having her waiting at the door to inspect it. And I’m crying just writing that.

    Mike, I will grieve the loss of this dog for the rest of my days. DD was very devoted to her. The feeling wasn’t mutual, but I suspect he’s just simple minded enough that he never realized it. 🙂 Thanks for the condolences.

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