I’m at a loss for words.

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Still cold, still raining, with much of the same predicted for the next couple of days.

I hope the rest of you get to enjoy a warm, sunny holiday weekend.

I may just spend it putting the Christmas tree back up.

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Two 70° days in a row to get the planting done… check.

Tomato and pepper plants in the ground… check.

Green beans, parsnips and onion sets planted… check.

55° and enough rain to drown everything in the garden… check.

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When you grow at least some of your own food, the weather becomes a major topic of discussion.

Our weather this past week can be best described with these pics from the trailcam.

As you can see, we can go from a single layer of clothing to several layers (and back again) multiple times in the same week.

We’ve been checking the trailcam frequently because we had a squirrel that moved into the North wall of my office and we were hoping to learn where it was coming from and how it was gaining access.

It was like Chinese water torture listening to it chewing, and it’s activity in the wall had increased considerably over the past couple of weeks.

We baited traps with apples because a squirrel had been stealing them from the chicken pen and dragging them to the base of one of the black walnut trees. We caught that squirrel and relocated it, but it wasn’t the right one, and the constant chewing continued.

Since none of the other squirrels were interested in the apple, we switched to peanut butter and found two squirrels in the Havahart, but they were too small to trip the door. No doubt the squirrel we relocated was their mother, and she chose the fruit for the moisture content. And I now have to live with the guilt of breaking up a squirrel family. Gah!

Anyway, the squirrel living in the wall left Wednesday morning and hasn’t returned. I thought one of two things had most likely happened; 1) It was a looking for a mate because, well, it’s spring, and it knew it had a nice condo to raise a family in, or 2) something had happened to it.

Mr. Kewlstuff found the remains of a squirrel while walking the dogs this morning. I’m guessing the wall squirrel won’t be back.

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