It finally looks and feels like fall here, with temps in the 40s and much needed rain falling for the last two days.

Wednesday I dug the last of the carrots as Mr. K planted the garlic; the 2016 garden production officially ended and the 2017 season began.

In spite of the drought conditions we experienced through the summer, we harvested a bumper crop of peppers, tomatoes and beans. The viney plants, however, did not fare well, and the cukes, squash and melons were a total loss. Fortunately we live in an area rich in agriculture and we’re able to buy whatever produce we can’t grow.

The chickens have yet to deliver the first egg, so I’ve leaned the axe up against the fence as inspiration.

Once egg production begins, it’s one more thing I can permanently cross off the grocery list.

The so-called “simple life” may be a lot of work, but I’m happy to help support local farmers that are producing real food, as opposed to behemoth corporations that are producing food like substances.

yuckCase in point, here is the ingredient list on a carton of heavy cream. You know what I expected to be in there? Cream.

Our food system is broken folks. And if you can’t shake the hand of the farmer that grew at least some of your food, it’s only contributing to the problem.

So I’m jumping off one soap box and on to the next… the upcoming election. As a registered independent I vote on the issues, regardless of political party. The debates weren’t particularly helpful, and throughout the campaign the candidates have spent more air time bad-mouthing each other than they have discussing the many issues facing this country.

But please, don’t vote for Hillary Clinton based solely on the fact that she has a uterus.

And please don’t vote for her because of her position on gun control, because you’re being misled. There is no such thing as a gun show and/or internet loophole and there is no such thing as an “assault weapon.” It’s simply a matter of aesthetics. Those scary-looking black guns are semi-automatic, which are the most commonly owned firearms in the country, and they fire one round for each pull of the trigger. I can’t think of a single incident in recent history that involved a fully automatic firearm. The internet is your friend, and you can verify everything I’m telling you.

And if neither candidate appeals to you this election, consider a write-in vote for DammitDiesel. IMO, he’s as intelligent as any other candidate and, aside from that whole peeing when he’s excited thing, he’s far more trustworthy.

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