• Published: Jul 17th, 2014
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The Dog Days of Summer



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4th of July Parade

We drove out to the auction this morning hoping to see sweet cherries. There weren’t any, and that was really the only thing we went for, so we headed back.

As we’re driving west on Rt 104, the traffic heading east is backed up as far as the eye can see. There’s a huge hay wagon in the lead doing about 15 mph. It wasn’t until we were alongside it that we noticed a cow tied to the rear of the wagon, obviously distressed, fighting the tether and foaming at the mouth.

Initially I was pretty pissed that they were pulling this cow along like that, then realized that the entire herd had busted out of the pasture and there was a parade of cows following behind. It was actually a pretty genius move on the farmers part, since the whole herd was following that lead cow. He pulled the wagon into an open pasture and the cows just followed along. About a half-mile down the road were three stragglers being rounded up by guys on four wheelers. See, now this is the kind of excitement you city dwellers miss out on. I’m still chuckling.

So a few of us are pitching tents out on the “back 40” tonight. No fireworks; just a campfire, food, adult beverages and general shenanigans.

Happy Birthday America! Hope you all have a safe holiday weekend.

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What I’m Doing this Weekend

charlieIf only he’d return my calls. 😉

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