The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of 2014

TBH, it’s been awhile since I’ve even given the blog a thought. As the busy season ended in my office, our own busy season began, so I’m behind on most everything. Hell, I’ve even postponed the spring cleaning until fall.

So rather than bore you with the details of the the first half of 2014, I’ll just give you the cliff notes.

The Good

We had a truckload of organic soil delivered in early May and everything we’ve planted is thriving. Even better, we’ve had a great spring so far, with just enough rain to eliminate the need for watering, so it’s kind of on auto-pilot for now.

And last month we took the first step towards ditching cable by buying a Roku2 which led me to Pandora. Pandora has become another huge time sink for me with their immense library of crazy-good music and endless custom channels.

The Bad

So we came home one afternoon and discovered the kitchen faucet running. Diesel had jumped up in the pass-through between the dining room and kitchen, knocking a five-pound glass jar of raw honey over, which turned the faucet on before landing in the sink. It didn’t break the $17 jar of honey though.

Instead, it shattered my $700 farmhouse sink.

A wise woman once told me never to cry over anything that money can replace. I have since lived by that philosophy, but I gotta tell ya, this is one time I came close. Mostly because that sink is surrounded by a custom made 3/4″ solid cherry counter that was cut specifically for it. You can see where that might be a problem.

And here I’d thought we’d broken him from counter surfing, but apparently we only broke him of counter surfing when we’re home.

He has been the most challenging Boxer we’ve ever owned, in spite of our years of experience with the breed. I might even go as far as saying it was a mistake rescuing him. A mistake we’re going to have to live with for another 12 or 13 long, long years.

The Ugly

At 5:50 am the morning of my birthday the phone rang. Someone we both love dearly was in ICU, on a ventilator, in a drug induced coma after being stabbed… his left lung pierced.

Now I have always been the rock in the family, keeping a cool head, doing what needs to be done; all the while pushing the meltdown back. This time though, I forgot how to breathe.

He was well out of harms way, but ran to the aid of another victim, tackling the assailant to the ground.

All three of them ended up in the same trauma hospital, which made for a rather tense waiting room.

I can’t think of anything that could possibly make a person feel more useless than standing over a hospital bed in ICU.

Fortunately, he was in extraordinary physical condition.

The greatest birthday gift I’ve ever gotten came that evening in a single text that read “he’s breathing on his own.”

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