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What I Did Last Summer

Canning PornIt seems like it was just yesterday that I made my last post and BAM!… the holidays are looming already.

It was a crazy busy summer.

In spite of a mishap or two (like jars of boiling hot plums siphoning all over the kitchen) and several sliced fingers (a couple of which could have used stitches) I managed to can 150 jars of fruits, vegetables, jellies and syrups. 150 jars is just a weekends worth of work for some, but I learned a lot, and will be better organized when the produce auctions resume next May.

In other news; our brindle female Boxer turned thirteen in June and we were way past due for a puppy. But we decided to rescue an older dog this time, because they generally come with baggage and tend to get rehomed over and over again.

People don’t realize when they bring that adorable little puppy home that it takes this breed at least two, if not three years to settle. In the meantime, they are just balls of high-energy wrapped up in bat shit crazy.

dieselSo, this is Diesel, but I’m pretty sure he thinks his name is DammitDiesel! He’s a 10 month-old trapped in a giant fawn body. He’s a thief and a liar. He surfs the kitchen counter whenever our backs are turned. He steals our shoes, the remotes, and will shred a paper towel whenever he has the opportunity to snatch one; but I can see his potential to become an extraordinary dog. We started obedience training Tuesday.

Anyway, he wasn’t here a week and the thirteen year old had a stroke and took her last car ride to the vet. No matter how many times you take that ride, it doesn’t get any easier.

The brandy I started in August is phenomenal. We sample it each time we stir it and I’m hoping we have enough left for the holidays. 😀 I prefer the plum brandy over the blueberry, and will be doubling the batch next year.

In early September we discovered that a feral colony of honey bees had taken up residence in the South wall of the living room. If they survive the winter, we’re going to try and relocate them next spring.

chipmunk2And after a lengthy absence, the chipmunks have returned.

Looks kinda pissed doesn’t he?

Maybe he saw the weather forecast; we’re under a lake effect snow advisory for the weekend with the potential for six to eight inches of snow. We’ve had flurries, but no accumulation yet.

Now normally I love the snow, but not at dark o’clock in the morning when it’s below 30° and I have to walk a dog that can’t be trusted off lead.

It’s been awhile since I’ve had the opportunity to glance up at the stars at 5am on a frosty morning… as I’m begging a dog to just pick a spot already.

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