• Published: Aug 17th, 2013
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Multiple Eargasms






Prolonging the Inevitable

rubyfI bought this custom made recliner a couple of years ago. The chairs design, combined with the worn look of the fabric, made it appealing to my nostalgic side. It’s a chair I could picture my grandfather napping in.

For the first couple of months Mr. Kewlstuff spent a lot time and effort booby trapping the chair in an attempt to keep the dogs off of it. I’d just shake my head, knowing it was futile.

Looks comfy doesn’t she?

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When Life Hands You Plums, Make Brandy

The growing season is in full swing here, so they’ve bumped the auction schedule up to 3X per week. I’m limiting myself to attending just once a week, since it’s becoming painfully obvious that I have literally no self-control when it comes to fruits and vegetables.

Week before last I came home with 1/2 bushel of cling peaches which became peach jelly, peach leather and two cobblers.

Last week it was two flats (about 16 quarts) of plums. I thought it would take a lot of plums to fill a one quart jar, but I’ve already canned six jars and still have approx eleven quarts left. Ack!

So today I’m going to start two batches of plum brandy. It takes four months to finish, which will bring us right into the holidays. Perfect timing. If it’s half as as good as the blueberry brandy that just finished, I can cross a whole bunch of names off my Christmas shopping list.

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