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…a stretch of dry weather. I was able to walk out onto the garden yesterday and do some weeding, but Mr. Kwelstuff still sinks in.

buggiesThe pepper and tomato plants are not happy about having constant wet feet. The beets and carrots look sad too.

Fortunately we live near a small Amish community that started holding semi-weekly produce auctions, so what we can’t grow we can buy locally. And their produce is outstanding.

They haul the produce to the market in these horse drawn buggies (shitty photo courtesy of my cell phone), pull them up to the loading dock, unload, then put the horse in reverse and back out. (I didn’t even know horses had a reverse gear.)

So earlier this week we came home with a flat of blueberries and twenty-five pounds of new potatoes. Turns out, that was overly ambitious.

I flash froze four pints of berries and started a batch of blueberry brandy. Today I’m making blueberry syrup and will turn the pulp into blueberry butter.

I’ve dehydrated two loads of sliced potatoes and canned six pints, and I swear there are as many potatoes left in the box as there were when I started.

I’ve also dehydrated twenty pounds of Vidalia onions that I hope will get us through to next spring.

And in my spare time 😀 I made a batch of strawberry jelly and a batch of cherry jelly, officially ending my relationship with Smuckers and their high-fructose corn syrup.

So, the season is off to a good start, in spite of the weather. And at this rate, I won’t have to peel or chop anything all winter long.

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