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Temps have been nearing 90° here the last several days. Combined with the thunderstorms we’ve had each evening, the humidity is uncomfortably high.

We’re not crazy about it, but the garden loves this weather.

The peas and beets are up; the asparagus and rhubarb we planted last season have returned.

So far, so good.

The strawberry bed was overrun by slugs last June. I’d pick a nice red berry only to find a slug had burrowed in through the bottom. After a couple of days of that, I turned to Mr. Kewlstuff and said “till it.”

strawberriesBut while poking around online recently, I found what I hope is the solution. Mr. Kewlstuff constructed a “strawberry bed” with some scrap pipe and two 10′ lengths of rain gutter. Each gutter holds 13 plants comfortably. If it’s successful, we’ll add a couple more tiers next spring. I was concerned that the plants wouldn’t develop a deep enough root system in such shallow containers, but they’ve tripled in size in just two short weeks, and are already beginning to flower.

We may have outsmarted the slugs, but I suspect the birds are now patiently waiting their turn.

We also recently found a source for raw organic milk, so last week I made butter for the first time. It was so good that I got brave enough to attempt cheese. Cheese is more labor intense, but still, in under an hour I had what looked just like a ball of fresh mozzarella. Except that it tasted like ass. Cow ass to be exact. I’m pretty sure that’s not something I’m likely to acquire a taste for.

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A Parallel Universe

I woke up this morning to find that not only had Mr. Kewlstuff gotten up before me, but he was watching a French film. With subtitles.

Does anyone else hear the theme from The Twilight Zone?

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Bathrooms and Spiders and Sandals, Oh My

A few of you (okay, maybe one of you) might remember this post about our annual invasion of wolf spiders.

These invasions occur each fall when the weather turns crisp. Never have they invaded at any other time of year. Until now.

Mr. Kewlstuff has been battling them for the past couple of weeks, while I cower and hide.

But yesterday, just as I closed the bathroom door behind me, my eyes locked onto one positioned mid-way between me and my only exit. He’d been hiding behind the door.

We froze, standing face-to-face, assessing one another. He stood his ground knowing he had the upper hand because I was wearing sandals. If I attempted to step on him and missed, it’s possible he could scurry across my bare toes.

So I did the one thing he wasn’t expecting me to do. In one quick motion I removed my right sandal and bludgeoned him with it.

It’s all just a blur now. I have no idea how many times I hit him before I made my escape, leaving him where he lay (in case he was feigning death) for Mr. K to dispose of when he got home.

Annual spider invasions are bad enough, but at least I’m wearing shoes in October. Semi-annual invasions? Yeah. We’re going to have to move.

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