Buy a Shotgun!

The politicians most vocal about the need for scarey-looking-black-gun bans have literally no clue of what they’re talking about.

Joe should be the first to submit to a mental health background check. (Feinstein should be next in line.)

Buy a shotgun indeed.

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Baby Pictures

The pepper plants finally popped through…

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In spite of the fact that there’s been total chaos at work this past week, and the software I use in the office appears to have been released in beta version, and installing updates is akin to playing Russian roulette. In spite of the fact that it’s just 10° and snowing, I’m in a great mood today. Mostly because I got more than four hours sleep last night; partly because I get to work in the office in my pajamas all day.

I wanted to pass this along to the gardeners out there; a couple of weeks ago I saw an online article on turning paper towel tubes into bio-degradable plant starter pots. You cut the tubes into 3″ pieces, make four one-inch cuts in one end and fold the tabs in. Then just fill them with soil and plant your seed. We started our green peppers, jalapeno and cayenne peppers last night. When it’s time to plant, you just stick them in the ground, tube and all. It makes me feel all Earth Mother when I do shit like that. I’ll post pictures when the seeds sprout.

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