The Blame Game

I still can’t fully process the events that took place in Newtown CT yesterday and I’ve spent the last 24 hours avoiding numerous discussions about those events.

But in looking at it with fresh eyes this morning, I’m beginning to see a common theme; people want something or someone to blame. I see them blaming the guns, blaming the mother and even blaming President Bush for allowing the ban on assault weapons to expire.

You know what I think? I think the blame lies solely with Adam Lanza, who broke numerous laws when he took stolen guns into a gun free zone.

Maybe what we need to do is make murder illegal. Oh wait, that’s right, it already is. So there’s yet another law he broke.

I abhor what happened in CT. My heart bleeds for those families. But how can anyone honestly believe that more laws would have prevented it? This man had issues that we’ll never understand… and he took those issues to an elementary school. The law was meaningless to him.

I know the requirements vary from state to state, and even county to county, but in this county you have to attend a three hour safety course and provide the names of four character references, all of whom have to provide written information, and at least one of them will be selected for a personal interview. You’re interviewed by a pistol permit officer, fingerprinted and they perform both a a criminal and mental-health background check before a CCW permit is issued.

So tell me, what more should be required of a law abiding citizen before they can legally own a handgun? Seriously. I welcome discussion here. Because I certainly don’t have the answers.

But I do know this… banning guns is not the solution. Because those intent on committing crimes will always have access to them. And while I believe that those of you calling for a ban have the right to rely on local law enforcement to protect you (even if their response time is often too late) I also believe others should have the right to choose to defend themselves and their families from the Adam Lanzas of the world.

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