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We’re About to Get Slapped

We’re currently under weather warnings for high winds and flooding and the Governor has declared a state of emergency for all 62 counties in NYS. The rain has begun and the winds are starting to pick up already.

We’re too far inland to be too concerned, but we are in a bitch slapped zone, and too close to Lake Ontario to ignore this entirely.

If we do lose power we have a backup heat source, so we’re good to go, and I had enough supplies on hand to avoid the buying frenzy that took place over the weekend.

My only real concern is that we’re surrounded by century-old trees that tower over this 1-1/2 story century-old house. We had it happen once; a very large Box Elder tree toppled over during a storm and hit the SW corner of the house. You would have sworn we’d been hit by a plane. So high winds always give me the heebeegeebees.

Sending good thoughts to those of you along the coast. Stay safe, my friends.

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A little something to get the weekend started…

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  • Published: Oct 19th, 2012
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So earlier in the week there was a knock at the door, which isn’t all that unusual, except that this time there was a local police officer standing on the front porch.

He said that there had been a complaint that we were drying marijuana plants in the garage.

“You mean the tomato plants?” I asked. (snort)

Have a great weekend!

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