• Published: May 5th, 2012
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Feeling Nostalgic…

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Okay, so the pictures are in no way relevant to this post. I just really like looking at him.

So, have you ever tried calamari? I never had, but since everybody is always raving about it, I added it to my bucket list.

After trying it recently, I honestly don’t understand what all the fuss is about.

It was similar to a fried clam in texture, but the flavor was more delicate. And by delicate, I mean non-existent. The only flavor it had came from the seasoning in the breading. Actually, I’dve saved myself a lot of chewing if I’d just dipped the breading in the spicy-mustard sauce they served it with.

Anyway, I had eaten maybe three pieces of it when I uncovered a teeny-tiny-complete-with-tentacles-battered-and-deep-fried baby squid. Yeah. There’s no way that’s going to happen.

On deck, escargot. But it’ll be awhile. I still haven’t fully recovered from the whole baby squid thing.

Speaking of food; the food dehydrator I ordered last week was delivered yesterday and there are two fresh pineapples in the kitchen that have volunteered to act as guinea pigs. I’ve never attempted this before, but if all goes well I’ll be using it to preserve some of the garden produce this year.

And speaking of search engines 😉 it’s become quite obvious that Google’s gone bat-shit crazy, so I’ve started using Bing and encourage you all to try “Binging” too. Plus, Bing has a nifty little rewards program that gives you credit just for searching. I’ll even make it easy for you; here’s the link.

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