Fast Forward to Spring

Actually, since mother nature delivered 80° temps here yesterday, maybe that should read “Fast Forward to Summer.”

Except that todays high temperature is just half of that.

The mild winter in our part of the northeast caused the early onset of spring fever. The symptoms included a strong urge to play in the dirt, so we started our vegetable plants from seed in late February. Now all we need is the patience to wait until the risk of frost is behind us before we actually plant the garden.

We’ve also got asparagus and rhubarb crowns to add to the permanent bed this year. And I’m not even kidding when I tell you that one of the best gifts I’ve ever received was a load of horse manure that was delivered last week.

In keeping with the goal to have our five acres be as self-sustaining as possible, I ordered a kit and tested one of the two unused wells on the property.

It broke my heart when it tested positive for pesticides.

The ground water has no doubt been contaminated by the surrounding acreage that’s been commercially farmed for as long as I can remember.

Humans are the worst thing that ever happened to this planet. If you don’t believe me, just ask a bee (while you can still find one.) Or, you might start with a bit of research on the environmental impact of GMO crops.

So, on that note, maybe it’s still really nothing more than an odd coincidence that I’ve recently rediscovered apocalyptic fiction.

Nothing from that genre has held my interest since Stephen Kings The Stand… until last month, when I happened upon a couple of self-published books that I couldn’t put down.

The first is the Dead End series, by P.S. Power, that begins with A Very Good Man. By the end of the second book, I was head over heels in love with the misunderstood & much-maligned main character who happens to be 24 year-old virgin and zombie slayer extraordinaire.

Now, you’ve probably already noticed that many of these self-published ebooks are fraught with typos and grammatical errors, and this is one of them. So unless you can train your brain to interchange words like “were” and “we’re,” this series will most likely result in headaches. With that said, I personally found the storyline so compelling that I was willing to adapt.

The second series, released in short episodes, is Yesterday’s Gone, co-authored by Sean Platt & David Wright. The story begins just as much of humanity has vanished into thin air. Several interesting and well-developed characters are left behind, and their lives intertwine as the story progresses. If you enjoy cliff-hangers, now would be the time to start season one of this series so you’re up to speed before the release of season three. You won’t be disappointed.

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