I don’t care what the calendar says; I declare that summer has finally and officially arrived. This morning I had ripe strawberries, still warm from the sun, from my very own strawberry bed. How jealous are you right now?

cedar waxwingWe also have a large Mulberry tree, and it’s just a matter of days before I can harvest the juicy red berries.

Hopefully there will be a few left by the time they fully ripen, because the birds are fond of them too, and the tree is literally alive with Cedar Waxwings, Cardinals and Orioles.

I don’t know what we were thinking when we planted that tree so close to the driveway. Both the birds and the fallen fruit make a huge mess of things.

I also don’t know what we were thinking when we left the back windows down in the car the other day, because we later discovered that we were the victims of a fly-by-shitting.

The evidence on the backseat suggested that a bird of above average size had flown through while performing aerial stunts.

I was amused. Mr. Kewlstuff… not so much.

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