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Lily – the Kewl Black Bear

So the cable guy got the TV and digital phone installed, but, when given the choice of purchasing my own $35 wireless router, or renting theirs for $10/month over the course of the two year contract, I chose to set the network up myself. And of course it was only after he left that I realized he never gave me the PIN so I could set up my voicemail. Oh geez. I hate calling support. So I hunted down their online chat support, but still ended up with non-English speaking technician. They were of little help, but they did offer their “sincere apologize.”

But that’s not the reason I popped in today…

Lily and HopeAbout 9,000 of us from around the globe watched in real-time yesterday afternoon as a black bear in MN gave birth to a pair of cubs. If you missed this event you can’t blame me, because I told you about the dencam last year, just before Lily gave birth to a single female cub that was later named Hope.

There was so much drama between Hope and Lily over the course of the summer that it was sometimes difficult to watch. And I suspect, now that Hope is denning with Lily and her new half-siblings, the drama will continue.

This is an amazing opportunity to glimpse into a world most of us couldn’t have imagined, and it’s all made possible by the efforts of the dedicated researchers at the North American Bear Center.

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  • Published: Jan 18th, 2011
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Random Stuff – 2011 Edition

So, if you’re reading this, congrats, you’ve survived another year. And if it took you less than a week to stop dating shit with 2010… here’s a virtual high-five.

I’ve been up since 5am. Had dinner assembled and in the crock pot by 6. Tonight we’ll be dining on a pork roast buried under a sauerkraut-apple-onion mixture with just a hint of brown sugar. It amazes me that anything that smells that bad can taste so good. And when I tell you it smells bad, I mean even the dogs are offended. Actually, two of them are offended, the third wants to roll in it.

Now I’ll spend the remainder of the day waiting for the cable guy to show. I switched us over to satellite a couple of years ago and Time Warner has been trying to woo me back ever since. A TM rep actually showed up here the other day with their standard $99/month offer. But we all know that the price skyrockets after that first year is up, and I wasn’t convinced it was worth the hassle. So when I didn’t contact him the next day, he appeared at the door again with a new offer; $79.99 a month for the first year and $99/month for the second year. Sometimes it pays to play hard-to-get.

Before I sign off, I leave you with my favorite Four Seasons tune… ‘cuz any day’s a good day for some Franki Valli.

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