Robert Plant’s “Angel Dance”

I heard this track for the first time today. The video stinks, but I love the tune.

ETA; Okay, I heard it again last night, and this time I maxed the volume. Then I went and pre-ordered the CD.

If Led Zeppelin and The Grateful Dead had a baby, this is what it would sound like…

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You Know It’s Really Hot When…

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The View From My Kitchen Window

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Happy 4th Everyone!

This is the largest flag in the area (and just happens to be on the path to our favorite greasy spoon.) The flag itself measures 30 x 60 feet and weighs 100 pounds. The flag pole is 130′ tall, weighs 10,000 pounds and is secured with 60,000 pounds of concrete 13′ into the ground.

These pictures don’t do it justice. You can read more about it, and watch a pictorial of it being raised, at Ridge Road Station.

100 Pound American Flag

American Flag

And listen, party safe tonight. Seems that every year some dumbass blows a couple of fingers off. Don’t be that dumbass; or the rest of us will seize every opportunity to make fun of your stupidity for the rest of your fingerless life.

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