Groovin’ (on a Sunday afternoon)

It made me smile when Groovin’ was playing on the radio when we got in the car this afternoon. The sun was shining and the temps were mild and I really, really needed to get out of the office for awhile. So we headed for this little greasy spoon just west of Rochester. (And by greasy spoon, I mean you don’t even want to touch the plastic mustard and ketchup bottles. That greasy.) It’s a 50 minute drive one-way, but the Angus-burgers and onion rings are well worth the trip… even if I can’t finish the whole burger.

I’ve been working ’round the clock and barely noticed we’d made it through February and into March. But there were subtle hints; the days are finally getting longer, my African violets are blooming and I’ve even heard rumors of daffodils popping up here and there. If the temps hold in the 40’s through the week as predicted, the snow should be gone by next weekend. Not that we won’t get more snow, because winter never leaves willingly around here. But what we do get will be short lived. I just keep telling myself that in less than sixty days the hummingbirds will be back in town, and that means we can finally go outside unencumbered by thirty additional pounds of winter-weight clothing, sweaters, scarves, gloves, coats and boots.

Things should be winding down in the office over the next couple of weeks, and I can get back to my regularly irregular posting schedule. Although it seems I’m more popular when I don’t post than I am when I do, because my feed subscriptions have almost doubled since January. Go figure.

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