Saddest Search Ever

Every once in awhile I check my stats to see what brings people to the blog and recently found that someone had Googled this..

“over 40 and nobody loves me.”

FYI ~ kewl stuff holds the #2 spot for that search term. Most likely because of my Nobody Loves Me post, which someone commented on at 5:40. This should eliminate any further debate about Google providing the ultimate user experience.

I must admit I’m curious about the person that initiated that sad search. You have to wonder what they were hoping to find? Was the love of their life supposed to magically appear on the first page of the search results?

Or maybe they were looking for a cyber community of other unloved 40-somethings to commiserate with?

Whatever they were hoping to find, I’m sure they didn’t find it when they landed here, despite what Google told them.

But if they were ever to wander back in I would give them a big hug, and tell them it’s going to be okay.

Because I’m pretty sure I never read anything in the rule book that said you can’t find love after 40.

And even if I missed that chapter, all is not lost; because I think they may still have a very promising future as a C&W songwriter. Although I’d be a bit surprised if “Over 40 and Nobody Loves Me” hasn’t already been done.

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