I’ve Got a Peeping Tom

tomHe’s been hanging on that same spot on the kitchen window ogling me all week.

Creepy, huh?

I swear his eyes follow you everywhere, just like one of those paintings in a Three Stooges episode.

And is it just me, or does he appear to be baring what look like tiny little razor-sharp teeth?

I think I’ve gotta lay off the Stephen King novels.

Oops, almost forgot to wish all the Dad’s a Happy Father’s Day!

(Geez, I wonder if “Tom” has any kids?)

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Holy Crap…

I can not even begin to describe the torment that is poison ivy.

They should be using this stuff to interrogate terrorists.

To take my mind off the itching, I ate my way through an entire pan of Ghirardelli Ultimate Chocolate Brownies.

Unfortunately the distraction was only temporary. I’m itching again, and I’ve no doubt gained a pound.

I hate to mix medications, but since this appears to be something that chocolate can’t cure, I think I’m going to spend the afternoon with a bottle of vodka.

It’s bound to work eventually… and with fewer calories.

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poisonivyIn case you don’t know what poison ivy looks like, here’s a picture…

Trust me, if you didn’t know what it looked like you need to study this picture.

And if you did know, then you need to pay attention.

I wasn’t paying attention.

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I normally don’t pay much attention to the news. I find it’s bad for my digestion. But this week it’s been kind of difficult to ignore the David Carradine story.

And it makes me wonder if I’m the only person on this planet that feels outraged by the media’s handling of his death? IMO, the details weren’t necessary. A simple “died suddenly” would have sufficed.

So despite whatever else he accomplished in his life, he will forever be remembered as the old dude who accidentally killed himself during auto-erotic asphyxiation. WTH. He had family for crissake. Isn’t it bad enough that they’ve lost a loved one? To have the details (and photos) of his death publicized as they’ve been is unconscionable.

No doubt Mr. Carradine would have preferred that his kink be kept private. I’m betting his family would have preferred it that way too. And since there was no threat to national security, I don’t see how the public is entitled to the mental pictures being drawn by the media.

Problem is, these types of “news” stories sell papers and magazines.

I will never understand the public’s obsession with celebrity.

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Time Flies

house paintAnother week gone. WTH.

At least my torment is over. The house paint has been purchased. I chose these colors – – – – – >
then bought the paint the same day so I wouldn’t have the opportunity to reconsider.

Notice the trim color is called “Pink Suede?” It looks a lot pinker in the can than I think it should. Ack! And I haven’t decided on the porch-floor color yet, but I do know I’m not fond of the blue they’ve used in this example.

And we planted a vegetable garden last weekend. Haven’t seen the sun since.

I still have hopes that in a couple of months we’ll be eating fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, summer squash and eggplant.

robinsI don’t know when they hatched, but the Robin’s are now in and out all day tending to the babies. We’re holding off power washing the porch until they’ve left the nest. They look darn near as big as their parents. I think they’re just hanging around for the free room and board.

I may not be popping in as often as I should for the next month or so. Since we only get a few short months of decent weather around here, on the days that I’m not really busy I’m going to have to invent stuff to keep me busy in an effort to avoid all the invitations for various social gatherings that are pouring in. I think we’ve been invited to every graduation and/or wedding within a 70 mile radius. Ugh.

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