The View From My Window – Spring Edition

There’s some kewl (and some not so kewl) stuff going on out in the yard again.

The Phoebe is back for her fourth year in a row to nest atop the porch post. She’s laid three eggs, and leaves the nest infrequently.


A couple of days ago I heard a commotion on the porch, and when I went to investigate, I discovered that the Phoebe has a new neighbor. Meet Mrs. Robin…..


The Phoebe was none too happy about this development……..


Truth be told, we’re not thrilled either. Since they usually produce two broods each year, it looks like yet another summer where we won’t have use of the porch until August.

Then late yesterday afternoon, as I’m passing the dining room window, I spot one of the dogs with something hanging out of her mouth. Ack! For a second I thought she’d snagged Mr. Chipmunk, but soon realized she’d uncovered a nest of baby rabbits. She reluctantly dropped it when I told her to, but it was too late. I gotta say, I am always taken aback when one of them does something so, well, so dog-like.

This morning I went out to the nest to see how many babies remained. Not two feet from the back of the house……



I haven’t seen anything of Mom today, but I think they only return to the nest a couple of times a day at this stage. I surely hope she does return, ‘cuz the babies are exposed to the world right now, and it’s supposed to rain for like the next five days. I was so much happier not knowing they were out there.

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