It’s “Cars Out of Storage” Season!

In the Kewlstuff household there are really only two seasons.

#1 – Cars in storage and

#2 – Cars out of storage.

This week the cars officially came out of storage……

64 Merc

58 Chevy

(This is what happens when Mr. Kewlstuff is left unsupervised with access to a computer and a PayPal account.)

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  • Published: Apr 26th, 2009
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Alright You Guys..

quit acting all shy.

I asked you to share your favorite musicians and I get one response. And although Mike did offer up some interesting music, it certainly isn’t enough to keep me in new tunes for long.

Don, I’m especially disappointed in you. If I’m going to be forced to think of your nether regions every Tuesday night, the least you can do is suggest an artist or two.

And Bryan, WTH? You “talk” about music all the time.

Kathy you must know a half-dozen tunes that won’t make me look fat.

Crotchety, Lawrence Welk may not be my cup of tea, but throw one out there anyway!

Angelika, can’t you Tivo Hugh Laurie long enough to drop a kewl tune or two?

What are you all afraid of? Are you afraid people will snicker at your taste in music? ‘Cuz as the administrator here you do realize I have the ability to edit any derogatory comments, right? (Unless, of course you’re into boy-bands. In which case I can’t protect you.)

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  • Published: Apr 24th, 2009
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Introduce Me To…

your favorite musician.

I listen to music from dawn to dusk.

So my family must’ve finally gotten tired of me whining about the lousy battery in my MP3 player and
I was presented with a docking station for my birthday. Woo-hoo! Non-stop music is now at my fingertips.

Trouble is (no KWS pun intended) I only have about 200 songs in my library right now. Mostly ‘cuz I’m too lazy to hunt through all the available artists on Rhapsody/Amazon/iTunes. You could spend hour upon hour clicking and listening, listening and clicking.

So, your task is to introduce me to some new tunes…. with two exceptions. No rap/hip-hop and no country music. They both make my ears bleed.

Otherwise I have fairly eclectic tastes…. from Bob Marley to Korn.

And here’s one for you. This is Back Door Slam performing Outside Woman Blues…..

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Caption This

Some of the comments left on this blog have Mr. Kewlstuff questioning my sanity because he can hear me laughing out loud when he knows I’m alone in my office.

In spite of the risk of being involuntarily committed, when a friend emailed this picture I saw the perfect opportunity for a caption competition.

Knock yourselves out…….



  • Published: Apr 17th, 2009
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Pardon My Dust Part Deux

The blog remodel was easier than I’d anticipated and I’m pleased with the results.

But you know how it goes when you remodel. One thing leads to another and before you know it the project has snowballed.

I decided that the newly remodeled blog was making my office look shabby. So I decided it was time to redecorate.

So, whaddya think…….


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Happy Easter!

Pardon My Dust…..

….while I remodel.

I thought it was time for a fresh look.

So, if you wander in and things look a little whacked here and there, it’s just me breaking things in the background.

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