Out With the Old

I thought I’d end 2008 by sharing with you the oddest search term used this year that landed someone at Kewl Stuff I Found.

And the winner is…”stuff found in human ears.”

Why the search engine gods felt this blog was an appropriate place to send them is beyond me, but I chuckled, nonetheless.

Always one to seize the opportunity to learn a new thing, I took the next logical step, and searched it myself.

Oddly enough, ears aren’t among the orifices that people are stuffing things. Go figure.

Have a safe and happy New Year’s Eve.  I’ll see you in 2009!

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Merry Christmas!

Here’s hoping Santa has a spare……

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Winter Weather

We had about 3″ of snow the other night, but, as you can see by their tracks, it didn’t snow the chipmunks in.  (Yea, I know I could’ve gotten a better picture if I’d gone outside, but it’s 18 degrees out, and I’m not going out again until May……unless the house is on fire.)

Anyway, they’re predicting 8″ – 14″ of snow tonight, which I think is going to bury them in there. 

I’ll try and get a picture tomorrow of Mr. Chipmunk and his teeny-tiny snow blower.


Stupid People Never Cease to Amaze Me….

Friday night, as I passed the hall window on my way into bed, I spotted a young dog in the yard. Since we live in a semi-rural area, a strange dog in the yard is a rare occurrence. And a strange dog wandering around at 11pm is even rarer.

He had his nose to the ground, sniffing frantically as he ran around……behaviour that would indicate he was lost.

Next thing I know Mr. Kewl Stuff was outside trying to coax the dog to him. He failed miserably and the dog ran off into the bitter-cold and snowy night. Well, he ran as best he could, because every once in awhile the dog stumbled. And that was because the poor thing was dragging a 4 foot length of rope from his collar, which he was stepping on and tripping himself.

I hope the ignorant ass that tied that dog outside spent a sleepless night wondering if he’d gotten that rope tangled in the surrounding brush, leaving him exposed to the elements and possible predators. It would only be fair, since I spent the night worrying about it.

It takes a lot of time, patience and energy to properly train a dog. It’s also necessary that you be smarter than the dog.

My own dogs don’t even wear collars, unless we’re taking them off the property for a walk. They come when they’re called, they know what their boundaries are, they don’t lunge at the door when someone knocks. If we’re outside and someone rides by the house on a bike, they automatically sit……and they stay there until we release them. That wasn’t accomplished by hooking their collar to a line so we didn’t have to step outside when they had to go out.

If you’re tying your dog outside for any reason, you’re too lazy and/or dumb to own a dog. Actually, you don’t deserve to own one and I have just three words for you. Get. A. Cat.

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