The Holidays are Upon Us

Norman Rockwell

Norman Rockwell

Tomorrow morn I begin my bake-a-thon for Thursday, which, naturally, is going to look exactly like this Norman Rockwell painting.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, remember how you hated sitting at the kids table when you were a kid? You thought all the kewl stuff was happening at the grown up table. You really should give it another try this year because, chances are, nobody at the adult table is going to be wearing black olives on all of their fingertips, nor spew milk out of their nose from laughing at the guest seated next to them that farted because they were laughing at the guest seated next to them that farted. Turns out that all the fun stuff really is happening at the kids table. It also turns out that if your timing’s right, and you say the word underwear while seated at a table with four or more six year-olds, you can make milk come out of all of their noses.

Friday, I intend to spend the day in a pie induced coma, waking long enough to finish my Christmas shopping online, hence avoiding the crowds and the need to get dressed in anything with a waistband.

And I hope you all have a safe, happy, kid’s table kinda holiday!


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