You Can’t Buy the Kewl Stuff at WalMart

I am one of the few females on the planet that loathes to shop. This works out better than you might think, because I’m also not fond of today’s mass produced products. They lack charm and character, and they most certainly lack durability.

I’ve always been drawn to vintage pieces, so I prefer to shop where these items are abundant….. estate sales and flea markets.

You’d be surprised at the things you find at these sales. A couple of years ago I found myself standing over a trunk full of brand-new, with tags, 1940’s side-striped cotton dish towels. I bought a dozen for $1 apiece and I’m still using them. The same goes for tablecloths; they just never wear out. The quailty of vintage linens far surpasses anything on the market today.

It saddens me that the women of past generations tucked all the “good stuff” away to use for a special occasion. And apparently there was never an occasion quite special enough. I don’t know whether they’d approve or not, but I use their “good stuff” everyday.

Our home is furnished with an eclectic mix of items from the 20’s through the 60’s. Most pieces are functional, but there are some that I keep around just because they make me smile. Here are just a few……

This old fish bowl probably dates from the 20’s or 30’s. I’m not particlularly crazy about keeping small caged pets. Fish rank among them. Seems to me they’d be far happier swimming in the wild, contributing to the food chain as nature intended. But it was too kewl not to use, so I put a ceramic “Made in Japan” fish in it.

This is a 1950’s Boxer TV Lamp. If you think it’s glowing eyes are creepy, you should see it at night.

This is a Zentih bakelite AM/FM radio. I suspect it’s from 40’s. Yep…it still works.

I have no idea who, or even what, these are, but I liked their smiling faces. Once upon a time they must have had lids of ceramic hair, and there’s a notch at the back of their heads for a spoon handle to rest. If anyone recognizes these characters I’d love to hear from you.


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